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Funny Dog Video: Dogs’ Day Out on A Shopping Cart

As suggested by its title, the video is about two dogs who take a truly epic voyage across the town… with a shopping cart. It was just another regular day in Penny and Maymo world, and the two decided to go on an adventure. With Penny comfortably sitting …

Dognition: How Smart Is Your Dog?

Most dog owners think their dogs are smart. But, how smart is your dog actually? A study by researchers at the Duke University discovered that the smartness of a dog is specific to various dog breeds. The finding pointed out it was the individual nature of a dog, not …

Border Collie

Border Collie Overview Originating in the 19th century on the border between Scotland and England, the Border Collie was named after their location. This dog breed is prized for their outstanding herding abilities of any type of livestock. Today, the Border Collie is a popular farm worker, family …

How Smart Is Your Dog? Take The Quiz And Find Out!

How smart is your dog? We can’t deny it. We all love our dogs. We all love to admire them. We even treat them like our own children – our furry babies. While we can brag about our children’s intelligence through academic achievements, it is quite a challenge to prove …


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