Simple Yet Effective Ways to Remove Dog Urine From Carpet

You love your pooch, but you certainly find it tough to remove dog urine from a carpet. But do you know that your dog doesn’t urinate on the carpet intentionally? You may be surprised to find that, in many cases, even well-trained dogs urinate all over the house. There can be many different things that distract their attention from going to the proper place to urinate!

Here are a few reasons:

  • Sometimes your dog might be involved in a fun game and he doesn’t even realize that he has to pee – perhaps he is having so much fun!
  • Often dogs urinate all over the house because they are frightened. Maybe you just raised your voice to him, or he heard a frightening noise that is not familiar with.

How To Remove Dog Urine From Carpet

Irrespective of the causes, the truth is that it happens and you have to do something about it. It is important to potty train your pooch so that there are no future accidents.

It is equally important to remove dog urine from carpet that smells bad. How can you remove dog urine from carpet in the best possible way?

  • One method is to use vinegar on the carpet, which even works on dried urine stains.
  • First, place a towel or old piece of cloth on the urine site and step on top of it. This will enable the cloth to soak maximum amount of urine.
  • Then you may drop a generous amount of white vinegar diluted with water on the stain. Leave the vinegar water on the stain for about fifteen minutes if it is a fresh stain. You may leave it for an hour if it is an old stain. Vinegar has antibacterial properties. It works equally good as a solvent.
  • Take a towel to blot up the vinegar from the carpet. Or you may use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Sprinkle some amount of baking soda on the affected urine site. Sodium bicarbonate works as an absorbent and odor remover.
  • There are pet urine removal products that do the job well. Always pick products made from natural ingredients, because those made with artificial chemicals can destroy your carpet. Carefully read instruction labels on these pet urine removal products and follow them. This will take time and you will have to repeat the procedure every few days to get best results.
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Additionally, you may want to potty train your pooch so that you do not have to deal with any such accidents.

How do you usually remove dog urine from a carpet?

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