Silly Golden Retriever Loves His Doggie Daycare So Much He Sneaks Out of House To Pay It A Visit

In Belmont, Carolina, a silly Golden Retriever loves his doggie daycare so much he snuck out of his house to pay it a visit.

Unlike many dogs, Riley, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever, loves going to the doggie day care. He’s a regular at Happy Dogs Café Daycare, where he has made friends with lots of dogs.

Last week, the Golden Retriever and his owner, Tonia Mosteller, were on their way home when they drove past the daycare. Mosteller told WBTV that Riley started whining as they passed, but he wasn’t supposed to go to daycare that day so they went straight home. She then dropped Riley off at home and left him on the porch .

“I noticed Riley watching me carefully as I left, but I didn’t think too much about it,” she said.

Little did she know, the Golden Retriever managed to get out of their property.

Riley has always been a smart dog and after walking a mile, the pooch managed to reach his destination – the doggie day care. A person noticed Riley waiting outside the door and informed the owner about him.

“I walked outside to see if Tonia was right behind him, and she wasn’t,” Happy Doge Café owner Teresa McCarter said.

Silly Golden Retriever Loves His Doggie Daycare So Much He Sneaks Out of House to Pay it a Visit 1

Photo by: Happy Dogs Cafe Day Care

When Teresa opened the door, Riley immediately ran to the area where at least 20 of his friends were waiting. Teresa then called Tonia and told her about the dog’s escape and journey to the day care.

As it turned out, the smart dog was able to open the back fence all by himself before finding his way to one of his most favorite places on earth. Tonia told Teresa that they’d come get him but the daycare owner offered to let him stay the day.

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“And he got a free day of daycare and he worked really hard for that day,” Teresa said with a chuckle.

Now, Tonia and her family made sure to secure the fences to keep Riley from going on solo adventures again. They also promised to take the dog to the daycare more often.

“It’s a true testimony to how much he loves Happy Dogs and the staff there,” Mosteller told WBTV.

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