Are You A Dog-O-Holic? What Are The Telltale Signs Of A True Dog Lover?

There are dog owners and there are dog-o-holics – which one are you?

Are you crazy for dogs – a true dog lover?

If you’re reading this, you probably are, but what are the telltale signs you love your dog so much?


  1. Your dog has a real name, a nickname and 100s of other endearing names just to show him how much you love him. What’s the sweetest name you call your dog? Pupper, baby, sweetheart, bubba bear, mommy’s boy..
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  1. You let you dog sleep on your bed. And try your best not to move to make sure he doesn’t wake up.
Signs Of A True Dog Lover 2

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  1. Your dog has his own Facebook Page or Instagram account.And he has more likes and more followers than you.
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  1. You talk to your dog in your itty-bitty voice.An you can’t help it! After all, it’s the proper way to talk to someone so incredibly precious.


  1. Almost every image in your phone is a photo of your dog.You never miss a single moment of him looking absolutely adorable. And hey, you need to update his fans about the things he does every hour, right?




  1. Your dog eats expensive – possibly gourmet – and healthy dog food…while you settle for something cheaper like fast food.

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  1. You often ditch Saturday night plans with friends because you can’t leave your all alone for a long time and you’d rather watch TV by his side.
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  1. You’ve spent quite a fortune for your dog’s toys. How else is he going to know how much you love him?
Signs Of A True Dog Lover 5


  1. You don’t mind all the dog hair on your shirt… or pillows, bed, furniture, or even your food.
Signs Of A True Dog Lover 6

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  1. You have considered having your dog’s portrait painted or shot by a professional photographer. That much cuteness needs to be immortalized!
Signs Of A True Dog Lover 7

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  1. Your dog is the first one you greet when coming home from work. Your partner? A “Hi” should be more than enough.
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