Should You Have Your Dog’s Coat Cut In The Summer?

Summer is here! We all want our fur children to be comfortable! The question is – Should you have your dog’s coat cut in the summer?

Summer is a wonderful time to take your pooches out and about and with temperatures rising, you want to do everything you can to keep fur baby cool and comfortable.

If your dog is one of those fluffy ones, like Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers or Chow Chows, you might feel tempted to take your grooming tools out and give your dog a serious hair cut – but should you?


Should You Have Your Dog’s Coat Cut?

Should You Have Your Dogs Coat Cut In The Summer

Contrary to what you may think, your dog’s coat actually provides him or her with heat relief.

“A dog’s coat is kind of like insulation for your house,” explains Dr. Louise Murray, Vice President of the ASPCA Animal Hospital. “Insulation stops your home from getting too cold in winter, but it also keeps it from overheating in summer—and your dog’s coat does the same thing.”

Dog coats have several layers, and these layers are important to your dog’s comfort in the heat. Taking away your dog’s natural cooling system can lead to discomfort and overheating.

Keeping your dog cool and comfortable isn’t the only reason to leave your dog’s coat intact, Dr. Murray warns. Their coat actually prevents them from getting sunburn – protecting them from skin cancer.


What To Do With Your Dog’s Coat?

Should You Have Your Dogs Coat Cut In The Summer 1

Giving your long-haired dog a “summer cut” is okay. Having your dog’s long hair trimmed will make it more manageable.

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But do not do it on your own. It is best to take your dog to a professional groomer for their haircut. Never ever shave down to the skin or try to cut the hair yourself with scissors.

If you prefer not to cut your dog’s hair, that’s also totally fine. Dogs with thick coats naturally shed so they have a lighter coat in the summer in any event.

Just remember to bathe your dog and brush your dog’s fur. This will not only keep the coat from matting, it will also allow better air circulation.

Aside from that, always make sure there’s a shady area when taking your dog outside. It’s also vital to always make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water!


Source: ASPCA

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