Short Overview of Some Popular Apartment Dog Breeds

You love dogs, and you want to adopt one. But since you live in an apartment, not in a house, you are wondering whether your apartment is a good enough place for a dog? Well, there are some apartment dog breeds that would love to be your companion.

Finding Popular Apartment Dog Breeds

When choosing a dog for your apartment, the first thing you need to know is the size of the dog is often a criterion to make a choice. There are both small size apartment dog breeds and big size apartment breeds. Your home is like a cage for your dog. What you need to understand is that irrespective of the dog’s size, they need a lot of exercises. If you don’t have a yard, you must take your dog for daily walks if you want him to become a healthy and happy pet.

Why Are Apartment Dogs Preferred

The need for apartment dogs emerges from our own convenience to have a pet suitable to live in a limited space. Apartment owners regularly take their pets for long walks. These dogs have a higher energy level. For example, a Clumber Spaniel will always have less energy than a Pointer. There are exceptions too.

You may find it surprising to know that dogs of the same breed have different energy level. Here are some of the best apartment dog breeds:

  • Shin Tzu are friendly and loyal dogs who make a wonderful companion for you;
  • Greyhounds are good apartment dogs because they like to be “couch potatoes”;
  • Basset Hounds are good apartment companions because they are very calm and can be kept busy with toys for entire hours;
  • Pekingese is an inactive dog indoors, a daily walk would be just perfect for him;
  • American Staffordshire Terrier is a calm breed of dogs, who can be easily trained for an indoor life;
  • Boston Terriers are easy to train, very intelligent and love being around people.
  • Miniature Schnauzer will love to spend time with your child and will easily adapt to any situation;
  • Lhasa Apso were indoor watch dogs for years;
  • French bulldogs don’t require a lot of grooming or exercise;
  • Dachshunds are playful and sociable;
  • Chihuahuas have a small size and are very alert;
  • Bulldogs require minimal grooming;
  • Maltese is only nine pounds, so you won’t have a lot of cleaning up after him;
  • Yorkshire terrier is seven pounds and doesn’t need a lot of space and do not bark;
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If a dog breed is not on my list, it doesn’t mean that those dogs are not good for living in an apartment. Almost every dog breed can live everywhere if the right conditions are provided.

What dog breed do you keep in your apartment and how do you get along together?

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