Shelter Dog Smiles After Finally Finding His Forever Home After Three Years

Meet Alex Watson, a shelter dog with a beautiful and mesmerizing smile who has finally been adopted after three long years.

For the last three years, the mixed breed dog had been the stress reliever at Badass Brooklyn Animal Shelter in New York. The dog, who is thought to be named after Emma Watson’s brother, was the cheerleader of the rescue center – lighting up the volunteers’ days with his cheery grin as he waited and waited for a forever home.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

On January 12, Alex Watson’s dream of having a nice warm place to stay in forever was granted.Sporting his signature grin and wagging tail, the sweet dog happily went home with his new owner!

“Alex Watson was smiling all day like he knew he was getting ADOPTED. His grin only widened when he was reunited with the forever mama he met this weekend. This time’s for keeps!”Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue posted on Facebook.

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is a non-profit, all-volunteer, all-breed dog rescue organization that focuses on saving dogs from shelters in the southern USA where they face being put down.

Many of the rescue dogs in their care are named after celebrities including Harrison Ford, Drew Barrymore and Cara Delevingne.

“The dogs we rescue are in danger of imminent death as they are on the kill lists at very high volume, high kill pounds,” the rescue center said.

Perhaps that’s why Alex Watson cannot help but smile! He must be extremely and thankful for his new life!

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Happy Tails, Alex Watson!

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