Settling Your Puppy Down For Training Success

Settling your puppy down for training success can be quite a task. Most puppies just want to have fun! A settled pup is a focused pup!

Elevated energy levels and lively behavior are typical characteristics of puppies.


Let your puppy dog have some fun to get rid of some energy. However, it is essential that you train your puppy to settle down when asked to do so.

This kind of training is essential to stop your dog from developing undesirable behavior.

To get the best results, begin training to settle down as quickly as possible. You can do this at a scheduled training time or during regular activities, like playtime.

Include Settling Down Time in Your Puppy’s Day-to-Day Activities

It’s essential to incorporate quiet time as part of your dog’s training.

On days that you do not have much time, try integrating quiet time in daily activities. For example, you could be watching TV or surfing the web while releasing your puppy for 5 minutes of playtime, then asking him or her to sit quietly next to you for another 5 minutes.

Repeat the process, progressively increasing the time between rest periods. Repetition is the key to training success.

Combine Settling Your Puppy Down Training With Playtime

You can train your puppy to settle down is during playtime.

To achieve this, play with your puppy for a few moments and then encourage him to remain still by gently holding your pup back for five seconds. As your puppy gets the hang of settling down in training, slowly increase the rest and play time. While you are holding your puppy, say “settle down” in a calming voice. You do not want to shout or use a severe tone because your dog will associate the event as a bad experience.

Treats may be used during settling down training, but letting your dog play is a usually adequate reward to keep them motivated.

Advantages of Training Your Puppy To Settle Down Are Endless

Dogs make superb companions provided that you can control them. The first year of training is going to be full of challenges, however, in the end, it is completely worthwhile.

Dogs that are well-behaved and obedient can hang out with their family and take pleasure in numerous activities. They can meet new people, go on holiday and see new places, and go to various dog activities, such as parties and competitions.

If you neglect essential areas of training, such as teaching your puppy to settle down, your dog will more than likely have behavioral problems when they reach adulthood.

Hyperactivity, disregarding commands, and aggression brought on by excitement can result from incorrect training. Dogs with these problems tend to be left at home because they are unfit to travel or to be introduced to new people.

If you would like your dog to enjoy life to the maximum, do everything in your power to prevent this from happening.

In dog training, jerk is a noun, not a verb. – Dr. Dennis Fetko

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