Service Dogs for Autism: Caring for Those Who Cannot Care for Themselves

Making Autism a Little More Bearable:

Autism can be one of the hardest things you or your loved one goes through. 1 in every 88 children will be diagnosed with autism and it can be debilitating for the parents. Luckily for parents and those who suffer from the condition, however, there are service dogs for autism. These canines are highly trained, loyal, and compassionate. They can help you out with your loved one, making life a little easier on you, or can even help you out in a variety of ways if you are the one suffering from autism.

service dogs for autismA Little Bit about Service Dogs for Autism:

Like previously stated, these dogs undergo training to help sufferers gain independence, rebuild confidence, and assist with everyday activities associated with daily life. These dogs usually help by responding to visual and auditory stimuli. For example, they can alert their handler to the sound of a smoke alarm going off or a knock at the door. The dog is able to distinguish between sounds, and understand the importance of each. The service dog will recognize that the sound of a fire alarm needs immediate attention, whereas a phone ringing does not.

autism service dogsOffering Compassion and Understanding can Also Help Heal:

In addition to protecting their handlers and responding to various stimuli, these service dogs offer support, compassion, and love. Petting the dog can help an autistic child when they are having a melt-down. These dogs also offer companionship, which can be just as rewarding and fulfilling as anything offered medically. Studies done on children who have service dogs for autism showed a lower number of melt-downs, more socially appropriate behaviors, and fewer autistic behaviors. They also appeared to be more self-reliant and happy. In adults who suffered from autism, studies showed that patients with service dogs showed improvement in their disability and they had a relatively high sense of well-being.

Just Because He Has a Service Dog Vest Doesn't Mean He Is a Real One

service dog2What is the best place where you can find autism service dogs?

There are more and more organizations out there specialized in training and providing autism service dogs. One of the most popular organizations that provide this type of service dogs is the Autism Service Dogs of America also known as ASDA.

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