Just Because He Has a Service Dog Vest Doesn’t Mean He Is a Real One

Every service dog has to be marked with a service dog vest so that other people may understand that he is accompanying a person with disabilities. These vests are like a label warning other people that they are allowed to enter in the public places where dogs aren’t usually allowed. These places are shops, libraries, cinemas, theaters and other.

Nowadays a person doesn’t need to be certificated as a dog trainer to train his service dog. I really don’t know what to say about this. Is it good or is it bad? In one way I think it is very good because not everyone affords to buy a trained dog or to pay for a professional trainer. And there are so many people that need a service dog help!

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Still, there is a problem with this fact. In so many cases the owners of a dog do not have the abilities, the experience and the knowledge to train a dog. This is why many people think that owners shouldn’t train their service dog by themselves. In most of the cases those dogs are not well trained or they just fake a training. And it’s sad that we can find a lot of such dogs wearing a service dog vest, claiming that they are service dog that can help their owner.

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I really can’t imagine what can be in those people’s mind. They just want to take their dog with them almost everywhere and that’s why they make him wear a service dog vest that give them the permission to enter almost anywhere. Still, how comes that they can get those vests? Well, it is very easy. You can find fake service dog vests all over the internet. And on-line shopping is extremely easy! Anyone can buy such a vest, no matter if you have a dog or not, if your dog is a service dog or not. But there is one thing that you must know: if you have a fake service dog wearing a service dog vest claiming that he is a real service dog there are several penalties like jail or high fine that you have to pay. I don’t think you want this to happen.

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A service dog training takes from 18 to 24 months. Do you think it is that easy to train such a dog? And here we talk about daily training. If you think that you don’t have enough experience to train your dog by yourself, but you really need a well-trained service dog, make an effort and pay a good trainer to work with your dog. Professional help is always the best option.

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So, when you see a dog wearing a vest that usually service dogs wear you have to know that they are supposed to be service dogs helping a person with disabilities. It will be hard for you to determine if the dog is a real service dog or just a fake, but if you see any signs that can prove that the dog is a fake, announce the authorities and they have all kind of means to establish whether he is true or not.

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