Schapendoes At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (FSS: Herding); CKC (Herding); FCI (Sheepdogs); UKC (Herding)


Medium. Weight: 33 lbs Height: 15-20 inches


Shaggy, thick, and double-coated.


All colors permitted

Life Span:

12 to 14 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

The Schapendoes is also called the Dutch Shepherd.

Schapendoes Overview

They share a common ancestor with other dogs such as the Briard and Bearded Collie. They have been around for hundreds of years in the Netherlands, where they work as farm dogs, helping to herd and shepherd livestock. Dutch shepherds value this breed for its hard work and loyalty.


Schapendoes Characteristics

This dog breed features a shaggy coat, similar to that of an Old English Sheepdog. They also feature a bearded chin and top-knot of fur on their head. The coat is very thick and double-coated, helping to protect the dogs from the weather and other predators. Their beards and shaggy appearance help to give them a comical, friendly look.


Schapendoes Temperament

They excel both as hard working dogs and family companions. They are high-spirited and friendly, with an outgoing nature. This works well for them both in families and at work. They are fast and do well in sporting events such as agility. The breed gets along well with almost everyone, human or animal and is usually seen approaching with a wagging tail and happy smile.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi


Schapendoes Care

Breed lifespan is 12 to 14 years, typical for a medium-sized breed. Health concerns include hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Care should also be taken to keep the ears and eyes clean, as their long shaggy hair can trap debris and promote infection if not properly maintained.


Schapendoes Coat

Their coat requires extensive care. The hair does not naturally shed, and so must be removed manually and carefully to prevent ruining the outer coat. Baths should be limited to help keep the coat weather resistant. While the hair does cover the ears and eyes, it does not need to be trimmed or tied out of the way as long as it is kept maintained.


Schapendoes Training

Instructions and jobs make them happiest, and he is an eager learner. His intelligence helps him excel both at obedience and any dog-related sports his owners are interested in. He’ll happily work hard at home and in trials such as herding and agility.


Schapendoes Activity

As a herding breed, this dog breed has a lot of energy. He requires a lot of exercise, or daily tasks to keep his energy in check. Retrieval, swimming, agility, or any other vigorous sports will keep him in shape and burn off his excess energy.

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