Rottweiler Dog Dies After Getting Tongue Stuck In A Kong Toy!

Recently, a Rottweiler dog died after getting his tongue stuck in a Kong toy.

On August 19, Jamie Stumpf posted the news about her Rottweiler’s terrible condition on Facebook. Maximus Aurelius, her beloved Rottie, suffered an extreme swollen tongue after a toy suctioned his tongue.

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook

Along with the photo, Stumpf posted:

My Humble Loyal wonderfully loving family pet Maximus is in the fight of his life. His Kong ball got suctioned to his tongue. Causing major damage as you can tell.

I am pleading for your love support and prayers to be sent his way.

If you have one on these balls TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

The Vet hopes the tissue does not die in the amount that would require removal of the tissue. I will not choose to allow a major portion to be taken. It’s not in his best interest. Bill is already $3700

Please PRAY for my Lovely

Sadly, Maximus passed way as a result of the injuries.

Jamie has expressed her love and grief, and posted a message dedicated to Maximus.

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook


She wrote:

 “Maximus Aurelius 2010-2015

Fearless defender of his pack

Best player of fetch

Puppy raiser

Cat whisperer

Bed Buddy

All around Great K-9

Rest in Peace My LOVE”

Although Stumpf said the dog toy in the photo was a Kong brand ball, commenters on Facebook suggested that the toy in her photos looked like a pimple ball, manufactured by Four Paws.

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook

Jamie Stumpf/Facebook

She later answered the comments and confirmed that the toy is a Kong brand toy and posted additional photos that suggest the ball was part of Kong toy marketed as the “Beast.”

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