Research Shows Dogs Get Depressed! Is Your New Lifestyle Giving Your Dog Depression?

Yes, dogs get depressed! According to a new report by veterinarians, many dogs suffer depression because of their owners’ busy lifestyles.

The study authored by vets in Switzerland, says that a growing number of animals suffer from depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

Dogs Get Depressed!

“Today, dogs are increasingly living with chronic fatigue. They are completely overwhelmed and need to take anti-depressants,” Behavioral psychologist and veterinarian Linda Hornisberger said.

The report emphasized the case of one dog’s plight after his owner moved from Britain to Switzerland.

The poor dog found it hard to adapt to his new environment and lifestyle. The dog began to behave anxiously and would attack his own shadow. The pooch was taken to Zurich Animal Hospital for treatment and is now back to his happy self with the help of medication and therapy.

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“Many pets and their owners don’t know any peace [as] they are so busy,” Maya Bram, a veterinarian at the center where the dog was treated, explained.  “Dogs need a lot of rest. But with today’s busy lifestyles, they often miss out.”

Reconcile, a version of Prozac suitable for dogs, was approved for sale in the United Kingdom in 2010. The drug has been created to taste like beef so it would appeal to dogs and is most often mixed into their food.


Source: The Independent

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