There Is Nothing Love Can’t Do! Check Out These Rescued Dogs’ Amazing Transformation!

We all love stories about second chances. They are filled with lessons about hope, struggle, persistence and happy endings. And what’s more heartwarming than stories about innocent and loving dogs?

There are a lot of amazing things that come with owning a rescue dog – especially for those who treat their fur-legged buddies like family. Their resilience amazes us. No matter how cruel and unfortunate their previous lives may have been, dogs have the extraordinary ability to recover and then trust and love unconditionally once again.Every dog deserves the chance to live a life full of love—kisses, hugs, treats, and warm beds are a plus.

Check out these wonderful examples of rescue dogs who were given second chances. From being neglected to being spoiled and loved, these stories will surely melt your heart.



Rescued Dogs’ Amazing Transformation - Samantha

This pooch was found chained to a post in the Bronx.She was abandoned and alone. Samantha’s rescuers discovered that she had been used as a breeding dog and was immensely neglected by her former owners. She was taken in by NYC’s Top Dog, and is now happily living in her forever home!



Rescued Dogs’ Amazing Transformation -Patrick

This dogwas rescued from a garbage bag when he was only a little puppy. Patrick was extremely emaciated and traumatized!His road to recovery was long and hard, but his rescuers never gave up on him. After making a full physical recovery and some TLC, Patrick has finally warmed up to people. He was adopted into a forever home where he is now healthy and enjoying life!




Luke was left by his family. When his former family decided they no longer wanted to care for him, his family drove him far from home and abandoned him starving and lonely. Thank goodness, he was foundby He’Art of Rescue. Luke was in terrible condition when he came to the sanctuary, but good things come to those who wait. So after a long rehabilitation period, he made a full recovery. He is a happy and strong pooch today!

Hermaphrodite Pit Bull Dog Rescued By Detroit Dog Rescue To Be Trained As Transgender Therapy Dog




Moxie used to be puppy mill dog. He spent 12 years being used as a breeding dog before he was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue. By the time he was rescued, his feet had been permanently damaged from standing on wire grates. He had also lost all the teeth in his lower jaw. Today, he is being given the love and care he deserves.He has recovered and is now an ambassador for National Mill Dog Rescue!




This little dog was brought into an animal shelter. She had an extreme case of mange so the shelter asked Mazie’s Mission Rescue Clinic for help. Rescuers immediately sprang into action to save this poor pup. Almost all of her fur fell off except for the hair on her fuzzy ears—that’s why her caretakers decided to call her Fraggle. With patience and the proper medication, Fraggle’s fur slowly grew back. Now, she is living an amazing life with her forever family!

Awww. Aren’t they adorable?


Image and article source: One Green Planet

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