Dog Training: Remember No Dog or Puppy Is Perfect

Obedience training should be fun and without stress. To keep it that way, you must remember that no dog or puppy is perfect.

Remember No Dog or Puppy Is Perfect During Training

Dog training is about repetition and positive reinforcement. After a particular behavior or command is practiced several times, your dog or puppy gradually learns to respond appropriately. As soon as your puppy has learned a habit or to comply with a command, he will remember and do it most of the time.

However, you must know the fact that no dog is perfect. A dog has a psychology of his own. Some pups tend to be more headstrong and obstinate than others. This is important to bear in mind during obedience training. Otherwise, you might feel discouraged and the training process may go along the wrong way.

No Dog or Puppy is Perfect, Expect Errors During the Training

Start training with the expectation that your dog will make mistakes. Even fully trained dogs have bad days. So, no dog or puppy is perfect and your pet is prone to making errors. Just like humans, dogs also have good and bad days, that are discernible in their conduct and the way they react to your instructions.

Dogs, such as Dachshunds, have a penchant for using their minds too often. They resort to reasoning on their own and are capable of making decisions. Even though your pup is trained to respond, they might elect not to comply for a reason. This is similar to the manner in which people defy typical behaviors. For example, you usually answer your telephone because it rings. However, you may choose not to answer when you do not like to chat.

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Balance Trust With Caution During Dog Training

Regardless of how well behaved or well trained your dog or puppy is, never have complete and absolute trust on his ability to quickly learn. This might sound odd but true. All of us would like to trust our dogs; however, it is for their own benefit. You should be cautious, as no dog or puppy is perfect.

All dogs irrespective of their breeds are prone to making judgment errors. They can have out-of-the-ordinary responses in abnormal situations. It is particularly crucial to avoid putting too much trust in your dog whenever there are possible dangers. A good example of this is taking your dog to the park off-leash. Associated hazards may include dog fights, auto accidents, disappearing, or consuming harmful substances. These things can all happen if your dog makes an error in judgment or chooses to disregard you.

Rewarding Good Behavior Important in Dog Training

Dog training is really a lifetime commitment. Moreover, it is an extremely fulfilling one when successfully completed.

To make sure that your dog or puppy continues the guidelines you set in the course of training, it is essential that you reinforce habits with regular reward. You might say it is just like a sport: you have to practice to stay in shape.

Familiarizing your puppy with essential commands will make him much more likely to follow your instructions. Remember, no dog or puppy is perfect. Pets need consistent training and the more you practice with them, the luckier you are to have a trusted companion.

Happy Dog Training!

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