Quick Fix You Should Know if Your Dog Chews Too Often

You might have a problem if your dog chews too often. It’s normal for puppies to chew as they get to know the world with their mouth, but it becomes a serious problem when they get older and don’t stop chewing or when they chew objects in the house and destroy personal possessions.

Often dog chewing may become a serious problem, even if an important cause for chewing is their teething habit, which starts when they are a few weeks old, and after six months, permanent teeth replace these teeth.  But here is some piece of advice you can follow to break this habit:

Step 1:  If a dog chews a lot, he might have medical problems. First, make sure this is not the case for your dog by consulting a vet. A deficient diet or intestinal parasitism may be the cause of their chewing habit.

Step 2: Another step is to make sure that your dog has no access to inappropriate objects in your house, such as chemicals, electric cables, and personal things. You may not allow him to enter some rooms in order to prevent accidents when you are not at home.

Step 3: Give your dog the appropriate chew toys and encourage him to use them. Each dog has his own preferences, so try to follow what your furry friend needs and wants so that he can be satisfied with what he has. Pay attention to the size of the toy, because if it’s too big, the dog can’t play with it and he will be bored quickly; if it’s too small the dog may swallow it and cause accidents. Don’t give the dog any old personal objects to play with because he won’t be able to make the difference between the old shoe you gave him, for example, and your new shoe he finds at the entrance.

Learning The Basics of Dog Psychology

Step 4: You may also warn your dog not to chew inappropriate things in the house by asking him to let them out of his mouth, admonish him, and redirect his attention to something he may chew. Sometimes it might be very difficult to do that, but you must be persevering so that the dog can see that you don’t give up and you are not kidding.  You may also use some taste deterrents to discourage dog chewing.

Step 5: Play a lot with your dog. This will string you two together, you can show him the things he can use to play, so you can teach him good behavior. If he gets tired, he’ll be a good dog. It’s always like this.

Dog chewing is an inherited  aptitude and all dogs need to chew. Is it good for a dog to chew? Of course. Chewing keeps dogs’ jaws strong, teeth clean, breath fresh, and teeth plaque and tartar free. But we must take care of what they chew.

Here I’ll give you some examples of the safest dog chews that are natural, long lasting and healthy:  bully sticks, sweet potato chews, beams fish skin chews, rawhide, pig ears, pig skin, real bones, and rubber chews – choose whatever fits your furry friend.

So, do you think you can stop your dog from inappropriate chewing before it’s too late? Please let me know if you have some other tips for stopping this bad behavior by leaving a comment below.

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