Purina King Charles Spaniel Puppy Advert Will Melt Your Heart!

Purina has just released a new Puppy Chow ad! The Purina King Charles Spaniel Puppy advert is sure to touch your heart!

The adopted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is too cute for words!

The takes you through the bonding process between pupand her new owner!

The man falls in love with the King Charles at a pet adoption event he happened to pass by.

One look in those King Charles Spaniel’s puppy dog eyes and he’s in love.

Purina King Charles Spaniel Puppy Advert Will Melt Your Heart

After adopting the pup, he names her Chloe and he buys all the stuff she needs including Purina’s Puppy Chow dog food!

Chloe and her new human day spend the day getting to know each other. They are so cute together!

He introduces her to every  object in his house – the piano, the couch, a lamp he refers to the eye of a robot he “killed”, and a scale model of a project he is working on – which the pup later destroys.

Towards the end the duo spend the night trying to put the destroyed miniature park back together.

Then, it’s time for breakfast together: the man munching on his cereal and Chloe on her tasty Puppy Chow!

Every dog lover can relate to this adorable and charming video!

This cute commercial will surely make you go Awwww.

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