Your Puppy’s First Day Home

On your puppy’s first day home you will want to show them around the house and introduce your pup to their brand-new members of the family, other animals, friends and neighbors. The more they’re familiarized with their brand-new environment, the quicker they will feel at ease in their new home. You can even take advantage of this time to indicate a few rules and set an example for upcoming training.

Your Puppys First Day Home

Set up limitations for your puppy the proper way.

Let your puppy explore your home

Ensure all the doors in your house are shut, place a leash and harness on your puppy dog, and let him or her run free. Your puppy will want to investigate the various odors and textures in your home. However, you have to let your doggy understand which things are okay and which they should not be near. This might be furnishings, shoes, your room, and some other place or thing you do not wish your new puppy to have access to.

Distract your pup

You need to avoid saying “no” at this stage. Rather, distract your pup from objects you do not wish him or her near to simply by gently pulling on his leash while making a noisy, grunting sound. This will alert them that the item they are smelling is off limits. Make sure you allow them to smell the location or item initially; otherwise, they will not remember what they are supposed to steer clear of. You can enhance this by calling your dog by name and praising every time he or she responds favorably and looks at you.

Labrador Puppy Training Tips You Need To Know

Start becoming the pack leader

Let your puppy know you are the pack leader In every dog pack, there has to be a leader. Pups learn at a early age that their mom is the pack leader. However , once she’s out of sight, your puppy dog may assume that they are the leader, unless of course you establish your dominance. Simple things like going through a doorway first or making your dog wait for their food are techniques to let your puppy know you are the pack leader. Violence, shouting, and punishment should never be used to assert dominance; it will simply cause your dog to become anxious or aggressive.

Acquaint your puppy with the important areas

Acquaint your puppy with important areas in your home After you are finished giving your dog a tour of your home, concentrate on the essential areas. For example, your doggy must know where their food, water and bed are in your house. Another essential spot to show your pup is the potty area. To do this, take them to the designated area, wait until they have done their “business”, and then reward with a treat or praise.

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