Puppy’s Bedtime

Your new puppy’s bedtime can be challenging for you and your new puppy.

Like human babies, puppies require some time to adjust to their new home. The initial few days, specially during the night, can be difficult to get through.Puppys Bedtime


Here are five simple tips you can follow to help make the transition less difficult and to make sure your puppy gets a good night’s rest.

Provide adequate playtime before puppy’s bedtime

Schedule your puppy’s final playtime one hour prior to feeding and give the last meal one hour before you go to sleep. Your puppy will be more prone to go potty before bedtime, and will also get rid of all of the extra energy they have been carrying. This is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Go potty before puppy’s bedtime

Even though you will have to let your new pup out to go potty several times throughout the night, encouraging him or her to go before bedtime will help prevent an accident. It will also permit you and your puppy dog to sleep through the first few hours of the night without disruptions. The very best time to take your dog out to go potty is right after meal time, and 10 to 20 minutes prior to going to sleep.

Prepare your puppy’s bed

Water is vital and should be made available to your dog at all times. If you are concerned about your puppy spilling the water, place a big clean rock (large enough so that your pup cannot swallow it) in the bowl to hold it down, and pour a small amount of water in it. You can also decorate the bed with some toys, treats, and an item with your scent on it for example a used shirt. These items will help keep your doggie comfy when sent to bed.

Create a bedtime routine for your puppy

If your puppy is less than five months old, you ought to put him or her to bed at least six hours before the preferred waking time. Potty training will be a whole lot simpler to handle once your pup learns the routine you’ve created.

A crate for your puppy at bedtime

Some people feel that putting their dog in a crate is unneeded. Nevertheless, there are lots of advantages to using a crate for bedtime. A few of these include:

  • Safety: Puppies can be unpredictable, particularly when you are not awake to keep track of their behavior. The use of a crate is a sure way to prevent your puppy from getting into mischief while you are asleep.
  • Comfort: Unlike a bed placed in a big, open area, a small enclosure like a crate can offer your puppy a sense of safety and comfort.
  • Potty Training: Most dogs that sleep in a crate quickly learn that this is their sleeping habitat and that it should be kept clean. It is really a benefits for potty training, as your puppy will alert you when he gets the urge to go.

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