Puppy Training: Tips To Connect With Your Puppy

Positive reinforcement is the key to training puppies. In fact, the success of your training largely depends on your ability to reward your pet. With frequent rewards, positive body language, and friendly voice, you can connect with your puppy effectively.Puppies thrive when they are rewarded. Using praise and reinforcements in the course of training and remaining positive is an excellent way to connect with your new puppy and convey your approval of his behavior.

How to connect with your puppy

Here are three important tips to make sure that you positively connect with your puppy during the training.

Keep Your Voice Tone Positive

Dogs predominantly communicate with each other using various types of sounds, such as barking, growling, howling, etc. Even when you speak to your dog, he deciphers the meaning mostly based on your voice than a word. He relates the word to the voice and tries to understand it accordingly.

Therefore, it is essential that you should be mindful of the tone of your voice while speaking to your puppy. You may well not have noticed, but many people’s voices become lower when they are angry. Dogs interpret this as growling. If your puppy is aware of the fact that you are upset, there certainly will not be a positive connection between the two.

Always attempt to remain calm, even if things turn stressful. Stick to a higher, happier tone of voice so that your puppy does not become disheartened during training sessions. He tries to make you happy and may feel dismayed when you fail to appreciate his good behavior.

You can also reinforce your “good voice” with praiseful using words, such as “good dog” and “great.” These words will become very useful in the future, as each such of them convey your dog a sense of approval. So long as your puppy believes you are pleased, he continues making an effort to make you happy.

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Find Out How Your Puppy Likes To Be Petted

A treat is considered to be the best reward for a dog. Even though the food is the main reward option, puppies also thoroughly appreciate when you pet them with affection. Here are a few tips on how to use petting to gratify your puppy.

  • Petting your puppy right behind the ears
  • Giving him a neck or back massage
  • Rubbing the belly while your dog is standing or lying down
  • Scratching gently along the back

Just make sure that your puppy does not become overly stimulated, which may lead to loss of focus on training. Use words, such as “settle down,” to calm down your puppy when he is excited.

Focus on Your Body Language

Body language is yet another significant way to communicate with dogs. Your body language can say a great deal about how you are feeling. If you are standing up with your arms crossed, hovering over your dog for instance, your pup will know that you are either angry or irritated by his performance. Just like with your tone of voice, you ought to be mindful of your body language in order to avoid discouraging your pup. Smile to cheer yourself up and try to stick to positive body language. If you are unhappy with your puppy dog, try kneeling down next to your pup while gently pampering them until you are calm.

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