Puppy Training: Be Prepared For Your Puppy’s Arrival

Are you expecting a new puppy? Are you fully prepared to welcome him? Right from puppy proofing your home to research about the breed and preparing yourself for puppy care, you need to do a lot prior to your puppy’s arrival. Puppy training needs special mention, as this is central to turning a young puppy to a wonderful companion.

Puppy Training Preparation

Most dogs are pretty smart and have good learning abilities. However, your new puppy must be effectively trained regardless of how clever his breed is. A good way to ensure that your dog gets the required training is to prepare ahead of time. Learn about the basics of puppy training as well as some tips on how to prepare for your pet’s arrival so that you are able to start training as soon as he arrives at your home.

Puppy Training: Make List of Essential Words

Even though basic commands appear to be an obvious option, several puppy owners fail to include them early in training sessions. This leads to the communication gap between dogs and their owners causing the training a strenuous process.

To prevent making this error, make a list of essential words and phrases, such as “come,” “stay,” and “stop.” Incorporate them in your puppy training. These words are easy to understand and comprehend for your dog easily. As he learns these words, he begins to show greater obedience that not only helps in training, but also optimizes the safety and security of your pet. For instance, should your pet get loose at the park or any other public place, you could avoid an accident from happening simply by telling him to stop, stay, or come back.

Puppy Training: Keep Commands Short

It is not less than a blunder when you use full sentences while teaching commands to puppies. Your puppy might be able to identify the purpose of a sentence from the sound and tone of your voice. However, he will never be able to associate words in that sentence to obeying a command. The confusion often leads to frequent disobedience by your puppy making the training stressful.

It always better if you keep sentences short. So, avoid saying “come over here” or “get down” to your dog. Instead, tell your dog to “come” or “sit.” It is easy for him to relate the word to a particular action. In this way, your puppy will have a definite comprehension of exactly what every word means and the training process will be easier and free from ambiguity for your pet.

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Puppy Training: Your Dog’s Name Matters

Teaching your dog his name is vital for successful training. When you call your dog by a particular name, it helps him understand that you are speaking to him. He pays attention to your words and it ensures better compliance.

Therefore, it is crucial that you consider a name for your new friend even before his arrival. The moment your puppy arrives at your home, start calling him by his new name straight away. Call him by name at each and every opportunity and repeat it as frequently as you can until you are sure that your dog is able to connect it with him. Your dog’s name is helpful throughout the puppy stages to discipline him when he hides, runs away, and turns mischievous.

Puppy Training: Look for Opportunities

There are many moments likely to come up during your interaction with your puppy that you can use as opportunities for training. A game of fetch, for instance, can be converted into an opportune moment for dog obedience training. All you need to do is to repeat the term “fetch” every time you play the game. As soon as your dog understands what the word means, you can start teaching him names of items used during the playtime along with commands, such as “go,” “stop,” or “bring” intermittently.

This type of puppy training will be helpful for your puppy in completing other tasks, including getting the newspaper. Same can be applied to other games and everyday activities.

To stay on the right track with puppy training, make a list of the things you would like to include. As long as you keep your training sessions positive and fun filled, you will have no difficulties attaining your goals.

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