Puppy Mill Rescue Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Now Up On All Fours Again!

This is Daniel. This puppy mill rescue puppy, who couldn’t walk when rescued, is now up on all fours thanks to his rescuers!

The Humane Society of the United States rescued 295 dogs from a puppy mill in Arkansas and Daniel was one of them.

Puppy Mill Rescue Puppy Who Couldnt Walk Now Up On All Fours Again

When the rescuers found Daniel, he was unable to use his front legs to walk.

“When we found Daniel, he was in a very dark barn,” one his caretakers said.

But just two days after his rescue, little Daniel is finally using all his legs!

With lots of motivation, love, and encouragement, see Daniel go!

We hope this sweet pup finds a forever home soon!

Happy Tails, Daniel!

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