Puppy Insurance: Protecting Your Best Friend

Everybody knows that vet bills can be expensive; especially when a puppy is involved. Your puppy needs regular check-ups, and these can quickly add up when you have to keep up with regular vaccinations and vet visits. Also, you never know when your puppy might get into something potentially poisonous or need a surgery, and this can land you an incredibly expensive bill. Many of us struggle to pay our own doctor visits when something is seriously wrong, so it can be incredibly intimidating when your puppy gets sick and needs expensive medical attention. This is where puppy insurance can be so beneficial. Like regular medical insurance for humans, this insurance for your canine friend can drastically reduce the costs of your vet visits and help cover the cost of surgery. Insurance for your canine friend is also relatively inexpensive.

What is Puppy Insurance?

It is exactly what it sounds like: insurance for your furry friend. You pay a monthly fee, typically between $10 and $50, depending on the amount of coverage you want and will pay for a portion of your vet bills. Many insurance plans will cover the costs of all vet bills once your deductible has been met.

What are the Types of Coverage Available?

There is the catastrophic/emergency coverage that only covers huge medical bills. This is great for people who do not want to spend a lot of money every month on insurance premiums and want to be protected against the high cost of expensive vet bills. This type of insurance covers major surgeries, overnight vet stays, and vet bills for complicated sicknesses/injuries. Basically anything that would be considered an emergency.

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Economic insurance covers different illness or injuries that your puppy may incur. This may range from ingestion of a foreign object to cut or bite wound, ear infection, kennel cough, and much more.

Comprehensive insurance also covers your huge emergency visits, and covers the same things that economic insurance covers. You will pay a higher amount per month than you would for an emergency, but this insurance can end up saving you money in the end if your puppy is prone to getting into things he or she should not.

Unlike economic insurance, comprehensive gives you a higher coverage rate. For example, catastrophic insurance will not cover any cost of your vet visit for an ear infection. On the other hand, economic insurance will cover around $200-300 of the vet cost, whereas comprehensive insurance will cover double of that amount.

Puppy insurance is incredibly important for all pet owners. Not only will it make it easier on your wallet to cover your puppy’s generic checkups and vaccinations, but these can be a life saver if something drastic were to happen to your puppy in which he or she would need to be hospitalized. The average cost of staying overnight at a vet is at least $900 and that’s a lot to spend before you factor in the cost of treatment and medications. It’s also something that people typically do not have on the fly. Insurance will cover most, if not all, of the expensive bills, so you never have to worry about looking after your furry friend.

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