Pregnant Dogs Living In Flooded Basement Rescued Just In Time To Become Moms

In New York, two pregnant dogs who were living in a flooded basement were rescued just in time before giving birth.

Pocahontas was one of the five dogs found living alone in one New York property. Three of the dogs were living in the flooded basement while the other two live in the shed. According to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, they heard about the situation of the abandoned dogs and knew they had to help.

Stacey Silverstein was able to talk to the dogs’ owners and found out that someone only shows up three times a week to feed them. Despite caring for the dogs occasionally, the owner was hesitant to surrender the dogs. Fortunately, they were able to convince him to give up Pocahontas, a pregnant Pit Bull.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook

Luckily, Pocahontas was rescued just in time for her to give birth to 12 puppies. Eight of them survived. The beautiful tan Pit Bull and her pups are now in the loving care of their foster mom, Sharon Hall.While Pocahontas’ future is promising, the lives of the other dogs in the property were still unknown. But Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are determined to rescue them — one at a time, at least. They then focused on Queen — who turned out to be Pocahontas’ mom.

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“We were able to remove Queen shortly thereafter and she went directly to our vet in Brooklyn where it was discovered that she was pregnant as well,” Stacey said.

Heather Valente/Facebook

Heather Valente/Facebook

After spending a warm week at her new foster home, Queen gave birth to 13 puppies. Twelve pups survived and Queen has been taking great care of them with the help of their foster mom, Heather Valente.

It seems that Pocahontas learned it from the best. Pocahontas — just like her mother Queen — is such a wonderful mom to her pups as well. Both mother dogs have been very affectionate, caring, and sweet to their little ones.

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Thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and the foster parents, Pocahontas, Queen, and their pups will have a brighter future ahead of them.

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