Pointer dog

Pointer Overview

Pointers were developed to help alert the hunter to the location of prey. Breed ancestors may include Foxhounds, Bloodhounds and Greyhounds, although exact ancestry is not known. The breed is known for “pointing out” where prey is, and where the name comes from.


Pointer Characteristics

They look similar to other Pointing breeds such as the German Shorthair but retain a smooth coat and a blocky head. Lemon or light liver colored may also have a pink instead of black nose. They are agile and friendly dogs, always eager to help their owners.


Pointer Temperament

Eager and active both on the field and at home, he is a breed that does well with families. They are great with children, and eager to please. The breed is hard working at any task and had a great deal of stamina when hunting. However, this active and determine nature may be too much for the novice dog owner.


Pointer Care

The breed lives on average 12 to 14 years, typical for dogs their size. Health concerns include hip dysplasia, skin issues such as allergies and thyroid problems. Careful selection of parents and good breeding history can help reduce the incidence of diseases like hip dysplasia.


Pointer Coat

Their coat is short and fine, making care easy. Wiping down with a soft cloth, or occasional brushing are more than enough to remove dead hairs and keep the coat healthy. The breed is prone to some skin issues, so care should be taken to keep the skin under the coat healthy and clean.

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Pointer Training

Out in the field and hunting, this dog breed is easy to train. However, like most working breeds, they may have a one-track mind only for hunting, ignoring other obedience training. Patience is needed, as well as a positive reward based training and trainer that is familiar with the breed and with handling dogs.


Pointer Activity

They are very active and do best with lots of exercise. Flushing game, hunting exercises, long hikes and walks are all great activities for keeping mind and body healthy. If the Pointer is not sufficiently occupied, he may become bored and make up his own games, some destructive.


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