Pets Need TV When Home Alone

According to a TV program, Dogs: Their Secret Lives, five million dogs in the UK are at home alone for longer than three hours a day.

The C4 show that started airing on October 14th looks into the behavior of our dogs when they are left on their own. It reveals that 85% of dogs left alone could suffer from stress and anxiety.


In our modern way of life it is inevitable that our pets spend longer periods of time on their own. Mark Evans, ex-chief RSPCA vet, has advised that a television will stop our dogs from feeling isolated.

Evans explained to to The Sunday Times, “Dogs are a social species. Television, which stops us going mad when we have nothing else to do, might also work for them.”

In the U.S, DogTV has launched a channel that features thousands of videos of active dogs.
This channel has been exclusively created for pups who have to spend a lot of time on their own and aims to relax and soothe our dogs when they are left alone.

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