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Vet Ranch Saves Pregnant Dog Scheduled To Be Euthanized

In this another amazing video, Vet Ranch has saved a pregnant dog who was scheduled to be euthanized. Sometimes shelters put pregnant dogs to sleep because they are at maximum capacity. It’s a sad reality that happens in several shelters around the world. Holly was among the dogs …

Hope For Paws Rescues Scared Poodle Dog From Underneath A House

Another day, another dog to save! In this video, Hope for Paws rescues a scared Poodle dog from underneath a house. Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli received a call from Chynna Arias about a stray Poodle who had been living in their neighborhood for five months. The poor …

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy Abandoned Due To Hernia!

  It’s Dr. Karri again in her quest to save one pup-in-need at time! In this awesome video, Vet Ranch saves a puppy who was abandoned because he had a hernia beside his testicles. The pup’s name is Ace and he was only 8 weeks-old when Dr. Karri …

Little Puppy With Bad Skin Infection Treated By Vet Ranch!

There are countless of homeless dogs who need help and Vet Ranch tries their best to “fix them all!” In this video, a shy little puppy with a bad skin infection received the treatment she needed thanks to Vet Ranch. This tiny pup’s name is Evelyn and she …

Vet Ranch Saves Limping Dog Minutes Before Scheduled Euthanasia

It’s Dr. Matt to the rescue once again! This time Vet Ranch saved a limping dog 45 minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized! Meet Markie! This sweet black dog was on a shelter’s kill list. Concerned shelter staff reached out to Dr. Matt at 4:15 pm. …


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