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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Overview The Pembroke Welsh Corgi shares the same background as the cardigan except for one key difference.  Cardigans retained their long tail while Pembrokes have a shortened stub tail.  The breed is named after the area of Pembrokeshire where the breed has been in place …

Chubby Sleeping Corgi Puppy Takes Cute To A Whole New Level!

What’s cuter than a Corgi? A chubby sleeping Corgi puppy! This pup takes cute to a whole new level. Puppy Shady is one fluffy Corgi – not to mention cute and adorable! Shady had just come in from a walk and she’s exhausted. She’s so tired she fell …

Watch Corgi Puppy’s First Swim! Super Cute Dog Video!

This little puppy is a natural – and super cute too! Watch this Corgi puppy’s  first swim! It’s Tobias’ first swimming lesson and the little guy doesn’t seem to keen! All kitted out in his safety swimming vest – and looking too adorable for words – the pup whines …

Newborn Corgi Puppy Enjoys A Tummy Tickle! Adorable Puppy Video!

  Meet Clementine. This precious newborn Corgi puppy enjoys a tummy tickle! Together with her sibling, Clementine is on a nice, warm bed enjoying a snooze. The pups’ owner can’t resist the pup’s cute belly and gives Clementine a gentle tummy tickle. The 6-day-old pup then starts kicking! Mom …

Spoiled Corgi Munches On Fresh and Crunchy Vegetables

  Sit down and listen while this spoiled Corgi munches on some fresh and crunchy vegetables. Some dogs just have all the luck in the world! Meet Great Gatsby the Corgi! He’s living the good and spoiled life – like all dogs should! Gatsby’s owner has prepared an …


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