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How to Manage Fleas And Ticks on Your Dog

There are many products on the market that you can use to keep your dog free of fleas and ticks: shampoos, collars, dust, sprays and spot-on products. Spot-on flea and tick products are liquid pesticides applied to a “spot” on the pet’s skin, usually around the back of …

External Parasites in Dogs: Fleas, Ticks and Lice

What Are External Parasites in Dogs External parasites in dogs, such as fleas, ticks, and lice, are a common problem. However, with proper treatment and prevention, your home and pets can become parasite free! External parasites live by feeding on the blood and skin debris of pets. Their …

Gastrointestinal Parasites in Dogs

What Are Gastrointestinal or GI Parasites in Dogs? Gastrointestinal, or GI, Parasites in dogs can be a problem. It can lead to digestive upset, weight loss, and poor body condition. However, identifying them and treating them can help provide relief! GI Parasites are one of the most commonly …

Essential Oil Remedy For Mites And Mange. Is Your Dog Itchy?

Mites are parasites that can cause mange. If your dog is itchy, you may want to try the essential oil remedy for mites and mange. Wikipedia gives the following definition of mange: Mange is a class of skin diseases caused by parasitic mites. Parasitic mites that cause mange …


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