One-Eyed Puppy Sold At A Discount Finds His Perfect Human Match

A one-eyed puppy sold at a discount price has found his perfect human match.

On January 4, Reddit user kt2133 shared the story of her brother, Jordan Trent, and his newAustralian Shepherd puppy, Shiner.

Shiner was the last to be picked among his littermates because of one very unique trait: he was born with just one eye.

Jordan Trent

Jordan Trent

Even though poor Shiner was offered for a discounted price would-be buyers still turned a blind eye on him.

That all changed when Jordan saw the puppy. He thought the pooch was a perfect match for him.

When Jordan was younger, he lost the sight in his left eye.

Jordan Trent

Jordan Trent

“When I was fifteen a piece of metal flew into my eye while weed eating,” he told MTV.

Jordan and his family adopted the Australian Shepherd pup on Saturday, January 2. His kids insisted the pooch’s last name be changed to Solo because they’re big “Star Wars” fans.

“We’ve only had him a couple days,” Jordan said. “He is acclimating to our family great.”

Shiner Solo, formerly known as Shiner Bear, and Jordan have a very special commonality –making the two picture perfect.

What a nice story to start the year!

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