This Older Puppy Helping Younger Puppy Climb Up The Bed Is The Sweetest!

This adorable puppy video is all about little ones giving each other a helping paw!

A sweet older puppy helping a younger puppy climb up the bed is melting our hearts!

The 3-month-old puppy helps his 1-month-old puppy climb on the bed!

Older Puppy Helping Younger Puppy Climb Up The Bed

KhaoNeaw, the tiny puppy, is trying to get on the bed. She wants to snuggle up – or play with her older brother. He little legs are just too short and the little cutie is not having any success at all!

Her big brother comes to the rescue. After all, that’s what big brothers are for!

The sweet older puppy, Moo Ping, notices Khao Neaw’s plight and soon jumps down to offer a helping paw.

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It’s a joint effort! As little Khao Neaw pulls herself up, Moo Ping lifts her butt with his nose.

The little one finally manages to get on the bed thanks to her loving, helpful brother.

The tiny little pup shows her gratitude and thanks her awesome big brother by licking his face.

You’re the best, Moo Ping!

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