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Norrbottenspets At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (FSS: Hound); CKC (Hounds); FCI (Spitz and Primitive); UKC (Northern)


Medium. Weight: 26–33 lbs est. Height: Males 17.5–18 inches; Females 16.5–17 inches


Thick and medium in length.


All colors permitted, but ideal is White with Yellow or Red/Brown markings; White with Fawn markings, Orange markings, Red patches, Sable, Tan patches

Life Span:

12 to 14 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

Norrbottenspets got almost extinct during WWI.

Norrbottenspets Overview

This breed has been a popular spitz-type dog in Sweden, Finland, and Lapland for hundreds of years. The breed was used to hunt small game but was later taken up as a farm dog as the breed moved across Scandinavia. The breed was almost extinct until a repopulation program re-established the breed in the 1900s.


Norrbottenspets Characteristics

Most popular for his hunting of game birds such as grouse and hazel hens, this breed is a beloved family companion. The breed features a coloration pattern unique from other Spitz breeds, with bright orange and white fur on top of a curled tail and upright ears. This color pattern gives the breed a friendly and intelligent appearance.


Norrbottenspets Temperament

They are known as alert and intelligent breeds that are also active. The breed is rarely shy, aggressive or nervous, making it great around children that may easily startle other breeds. The dogs are also rare barkers, making him appreciated in an apartment or indoor living.

Tibetan Spaniel


Norrbottenspets Care

The average lifespan of this breed is 12 to 14 years, long for a dog of his size. There are no reported breed health concerns. However, good veterinary care, careful breeding, and preventive medicine will help them to live a long and happy life.


Norrbottenspets Coat

Like other Nordic Spitz-type dogs, this dog breed has a thick coat. However, the breed is naturally clean and neat, helping to keep the coat in better condition. Brushing and combing will help keep the naturally lustrous coat clean and healthy.


Norrbottenspets Training

While independent and intelligent, their eagerness to please makes him a great dog to train. He works well with motivational training, but most of all loves any activity combined with hunting.


Norrbottenspets Activity

They are a hunting breed, and this is the best activity to keep him happy and occupied. Without it, he needs daily long walks, safe runs in fenced areas and places to explore and “hunt” on his own. Otherwise, he may become bored and destructive indoors.

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