Newfoundland Puppy Reacts To Brother’s Video Message! Cute Dog Video!


Owners Skyping with their dogs isn’t exactly new, but have you ever seen dogs talk to each other through video messages?

In this video, a Newfoundland puppy reacts to his brother’s video message.


Samson’s mom received a video of his littermate Boomer’s owners and wants to let Samson see and hear it.

Once the video starts, the cutest puppy conversation ensues and it goes something like this:

“Hey, how are you?” Samson starts.

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“I’m fine how about you?” Boomer barks.

“I’m also fine. Do they give you lots of treats there?”

“They sure do. I love it here.”

“Can I come? I want some of your treats too!”

Boomer puts down his head and yawns.

“Not so sure. There aren’t even enough for me,” Boomer says.

Disappointed Samson then lets out another bark as a sigh.

How adorable!

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