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Guilty Dogs Are Funny! But Do Dogs Really Feel Guilt?

Do dogs really feel guilt? Or do we just project our own perceptions on those adorable and supposedly guilty faces? Our dogs’ faces sure look guilty when we confront them about a mess, but is guilt what they are really feeling? Chewed shoes and undies, rooms full of …

Sneaky Dachshund Steals Sandwich While Kids Howl With Other Dog!

This video will surely have you laughing! Watch as a sneaky Dachshund steals a sandwich right off a kid’s plate while two young boys howl with the second family dog! It’s time for lunch but these two brothers are more interested in howling than eating. “Colt! Awwoooooooooo!” the …

Has Your Dog Eaten Your Money?

Has your dog eaten your money? A boy was on his way to high school football game. In a hurry, he grabbed some cash and left the remaining bills on his bed. The dog saw his human leave and jumped onto the boy’s bed, his favorite spot. There were a …

Older Dog Teaches Cheeky Malamute Puppy To Show Respect! Cute Dog Video!

  Puppies may be cute and cuddly, but it’s never too young for behavior lessons! Watch as an older dog teaches a cheeky Malamute puppy to show some respect. Two adorable Alaskan Malamute puppies are playing outdoors – feeling the grass underneath their paws and belly. While the other …


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