Mites on Dogs: A Serious Problem You Should Know How To Deal With

You probably heard about mites on dogs but you thought that this can never happen to your dog because you take a lot of care with your dog’s grooming, your dog is always very clean and stays away of dirty areas. Most of the dog owners think this way. But believe me, you can have the surprise to find mites on dogs when you least expect it.

Mites are some external parasites that infest your dog’s skin. Most of the mites are very little and hard to observe with the necked eye. They are microscopic and have transparent or semi transparent bodies. Very often you won’t see the mites but your dog will feel and you will see your dog’s reactions to the pain they can cause.

mites on dogs

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Mites are very hard to detect because of their size and their transparency. This is why you will notice their presence first of all by the reactions of your dog. Mites on dogs burrow into the skin and irritate the flesh causing open wounds and infections from scratching. The main signs that most of the time indicate the presence of the mites on your dogs are: itching, red and irritated areas on your dog’s skin, pawing or scratching ears, shaking head, ear canal inflamed and others. If you think that your dog has a mite infection you must take him to the vet as soon as possible. He will take a sample from the affected areas and will carefully study it under microscope. If your dog has the problem that you suspect, your vet will be able to see the mites and confirm your worry. Don’t be afraid. A mite infection can be treated. I know it isn’t easy to see your dog suffering but always think that if you follow the right steps your dog can get better very soon and you will forget about all that pain that mites caused.

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Depending on the type of the mites your dog has, the vet will prescribe you some treatment that you will have to administrate your dog. Your vet’s recommendations should vary between shampoos, medicated creams, dips, powders or lotions. Oral and injectable medication can also be an option. And it is not enough to treat just your dog. If you have some other pets you might have to treat them to prevent their infestation to mites. You will also need to disinfect your dog’s environment, toys, crate, bedding, grooming equipment, leashes and all the other things that your dog might use.

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Now that you realize how much pain can bring about this very small creature you might wonder what you can do to prevent mites. It’s a normal question. First of all you must know that a healthy dog will be stronger against any attack of the mites. A healthy diet, fresh water and a low stress environment can help a lot in this case. Proper grooming might help you detect the installation of the mites sooner, so your dog will suffer less. And another very important thing to do is to avoid your dog’s contact with unknown dogs or other animals with fur, because you never know what diseases they can transmit.

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Did you ever have this problem with your dog or another pet in your house? How did you manage the situation?

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