Miniature Dachshund Who Caused £1000 Damage To Owner’s Home Named Britain’s Naughtiest Dog

Meet Rolo!  He may look cute but do not be deceived.

This Miniature Dachshund caused £1000 damage to his owner’s home, earning him the title Britain’s Naughtiest Dog!

They say big things come in small packages. Rolo may be only eight inches tall but he’s a big dog at heart. This mischievous pooch has chewed his way through several bin bags, chair cushions, a wooden door, hair straighteners and even a weights bench.

Rolo’s owner Kelly Mobbs says the 3-year-old pooch has cost her over £1,000 since she bought him for £800 as a puppy in 2012.



“He has always been mischievous. Rolo is just a cheeky type of dog, he is so bossy and likes to think he is in control of us,” Kelly said. “He has chewed through wooden chair legs in the kitchen and chewed through wires on two pairs of £100 GHD straighteners. We had a new £60 weight bench and I popped out and when I came back he had chewed through all the foam on the corner of that.”



Kelly, who  is a mother of two, also has a 6-year-old Miniature Dachshund named Bella. She adds that she thinks it is the breed that makes Rolo so naughty.

“If I am in he is quite happy to sit around but if we go out that is when the trouble starts. I do tell him off but it doesn’t make a difference. He just gives you a look and it makes you melt because he looks so cute,” she said.



Kelly thinks that Dachshunds do have a“little dog syndrome and want to be in control”.

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The dog owner entered Rolo’s story and photos to a competition conducted by interior design company Terry’s Fabrics – and they won!

Rolo was named Britain’s Naughtiest Dog and won a £150 prize.

“It is nothing compared to what he has cost us,” Kelly said.


H/T: Metro

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