Michigan Airport’s Bird-Chasing Border Collie Dog Takes The Internet By Storm!

Piper an awesome-looking Border Collie dog who keeps travelers safe at Michigan airport has taken the internet by storm!

While the pooch may look cute and fluffy, he’s a badass too. Aside from looking awesome in his working clothes, this dog has a job most dogs could not do. The Border Collie chases birds at the airport.



He may be photogenic and cute,but he plays an important role in airport safety, as part of the airport’s Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

On February 21, Reddit user lolthrash shared an awesome image of Piper looking so epic in a ski mask.  This awesome Border Collie is officially known as the Cherry Capital Airport K-9.

An animated GIF image shows the dog looking so cool glancing at a rescue chopper stirring up clouds of snow. And because Reddit is Reddit, the photo has spawned hilarious comments.

“And my dog gets scared by the vacuum,” Redditt user savylightning wrote.



“Looks out into the middle-distance, always haunted by the one chewtoy he could not rescue,” wrote userdont_know_what_i_am.

Piper also has Facebook, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

According to Airportk9.com, 7-year-old Piper has chased some 2,450 birds, patrolled 597 miles and worked 2,447 hours. The awesome pooch was out of work for a short while after injuring a paw in November 2015.



Piper’s owner, airport operations supervisor Brian Edwards, told MLive that the Border Collie became accustomed to noise made by aircraft gradually.

“He’ll look at the airplanes and he knows it’s a bad thing, but it doesn’t scare him anymore,” Edwards said of the aircraft noise,” he said.

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