Maltese dog

Maltese At a Glance

Country of Origin:


Breed Group:

AKC (Toy); ANKC (Toys); CKC (Toys); FCI (Companion and Toy); KC (Toy); UKC (Companion) Weight: 6–9 lbs


Small. Weight: 6–9 lbs Height: Males 8.5–10 inches; Females 7.5–9 inches


Silky and long.


Pure White; Light Tan or Lemon markings permissible

Life Span:

15 years

Breed Profile

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Did You Know?

A Maltese named Take Trouble inherited $2 million from her real estate developer owner, Lena Hemlsey.

Maltese Overview

The Maltese is a breed of Bichon type dog found throughout the Mediterranean. The breeds have been around for thousands of years, however the Maltese’s exact origin is unknown. The breed was refined on the island of Malta and created to be a companion and comforter to humans. This breed retains its popularity today both as companion and show dog.


Maltese Characteristics

Maltese feature a pure snowy white coat that is fluffy and shaggy, giving them the appearance of a perpetual puppy. They are spirited and affectionate, making a great companion for families of all ages and sizes. They can be delicate however, so should be watched around small children.


Maltese Temperament

This dog is the ultimate companion dog, sweet, loyal, friendly and loving of all people. They thrive on any interactions with their humans, and are a dog that loves to be where the family is. Their playful and affectionate nature will have any human companion laughing and having fun, keeping them from loneliness.



Maltese Care

These dogs can live on average more than15 years, above average even for small breed dogs. They do have a few health concerns including hypoglycemia and patellar luxation, common in small breed dogs, Patent Ductus Arteriosis, portosystemtic (liver) shunts and white shaker dog syndrome. Careful breeding can help decrease the incidence of these diseases.


Maltese Coat

The long coat of the show Maltese is very high maintenance and requires frequent brushing and grooming. The breed is often kept in a “puppy” cut, leaving the hair shorter, but still adorably shaggy. The hair is low-shedding, but does need brushing and combing to keep it at its best.


Maltese Training

This dog breed will easily pick up basic obedience and tricks, however can be difficult to housetrain. Patience and persistence are key in getting the breed to understand house training, and reward based training is best for keeping him engaged and active.


Maltese Activity

Daily walks or any activity involving humans is more than enough exercise for this dog. He will happily fetch toys, play games or do anything that his owners wish to do. As long as it involves humans, this breed is happy to tag along.


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