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Watch: Life of German Shepherds As Parents

Have you ever wondered how the life of a dog is when he becomes a parent? Well, it is certainly not an easy endeavor. Take for example the case of these German Shepherd parents. Mommy German Shepherd gave birth to nine healthy puppies. And these puppies crave for …

Watch: German Shepherd Puppy’s Adorable Head Tilt

As far head tilts go, this is by far one of the most adorable videos we have seen on the Internet. Meet Enzo, a German shepherd puppy who knows how to melt hearts with one simple move. In this 13-second clip, Enzo has his bath towel wrapped around …

Watch This Dog Escape Her Bath Time

Have you ever heard of a dog that can open and close a door? Well, this dog has found a way to make good use of this trick. Meet Daisy, an incredibly smart dog who has mastered the art of opening and closing a door. According to her …

Watch: Smart Dog Goes For A Walk

This dog is a good boy. It is a truth universally known that most dogs love walks. Every dog owner has witnessed the joy in their dog’s eyes at the mention of this activity. And this dog, Ziggy, is no exception. However, Ziggy is not your regular dog. …


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