Little Puppy With Bad Skin Infection Treated By Vet Ranch!

There are countless of homeless dogs who need help and Vet Ranch tries their best to “fix them all!”

In this video, a shy little puppy with a bad skin infection received the treatment she needed thanks to Vet Ranch.

Little Puppy With Bad Skin Infection Treated By Vet Ranch 1

This tiny pup’s name is Evelyn and she was pulled from the shelter by her foster parent. The puppy had bad skin issues and was very itchy when she was taken to Dr. Karri’s clinic.

Poor Evelyn’s skin was so bad that she had open sore and scabs. There were also missing patches of hair on her ears.

After a skin scrape test, Dr. Karri determined that the pup was suffering from sarcoptic mange. It is highly contagious to other dogs and humans. Her foster owner has other dogs in her home so Evelyn had to stay in Dr. Karri’s clinic until her mange was under control.

During her stay at the clinic, the beautiful pup had several medicated baths and was spayed.

Little Puppy With Bad Skin Infection Treated By Vet Ranch 2

After ten weeks of treatment, Evelyn transformed into a beautiful pup – inside and out.

From a shy dog to a loving dog, Evelyn has surely come out of her shell. She may still have a few patches of missing hair on her ears, but Dr. Karri said hair may still grow out in that area in time.

Evelyn is now up for adoption and is looking for her forever home!

Happy Tails, Evelyn!

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