Little Baby Poops in Her Onesie and the Dog’s Reaction is Simply Hilarious!

If it’s time to go, it is definitely time to go!

In this adorable video, a little baby can be seen leaning on her sleeping doggie buddy on the sofa.

Mommy can’t help but adore the duo’s cuteness and decides to record the moment.

A few moments later, the baby begins making funny faces.

The look on her faces tells she’s feeling something in her tummy and it’s definitely not going to smell good.

Little Baby Poops in Her Onesie and the Dogs Reaction is Simply Hilarious

Of course, a mommy has to do what she has to do. She encourages her baby to push it out.

After a few seconds of hilarious attempts, the baby finally lets it all out.


The dog, Max, suddenly wakes up and puts his nose by the baby’s behind.

Perhaps not pleased by the smell, Max immediately jumps off the sofa to get away from the stench!

Oh, Max!

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