Learning To Deal With Puppy Teething

Many puppies are born toothless. At the age of six to eight weeks, a puppy receives his first tooth, and they continue to grow until they have 28 teeth, known as milk teeth or baby teeth.

The process of puppy teething lasts for several months. This period creates a lot of discomfort, and you will see your dog exhibiting bad mood, biting, and chewing everything around to reduce or relieve the discomfort.

Do not leave important things that a dog shouldn’t destroy next to him, because he might chew on them. Of course, this does not indicate that he is a bad dog. Such behavior is only because he is in pain.

In the table below, you will find the different stages of puppy teething. The permanent teeth will replace the milk teeth, adding ten molars and four premolars. At the end of puppy teething, your dog should have 42 permanent teeth.

Does your puppy exhibit signs of normal teething?



3 months

adult incisors

4 months

adult molars and adult canines

6 to 7 months

adult molars

8 months

the full set of adult teeth


Each dog has a different kind of teeth used for different purposes.

  • Incisors – Dogs use incisors to clean their fur and pull and scrape the meat from bones.
  • Canines – Dogs use canines to slash and stab wounds.
  • Molars – Dogs use their set of molars for chewing.
  • Premolars – Dogs use their premolars to chew on bones, rawhides, and chew toys.

While a puppy is teething, you might see some behavior changes in him. So you should try to help your puppy get through the phase easily and confidently, believing that you are always there with him.

Here are some things that you can do for your puppy while teething:

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– Give your puppy a chew toy to play with. You will see that he chews a lot because of the pain. Don’t give him too many toys to chew because he won’t be able to distinguish them from other objects you have in your house.

– For irritated gums, you can give him some ice cubes to soothe the gums.

– Take the time once a day to massage your furry friend’s gums to help relieve his pain.

It’s important to know how to deal with your puppy’s pain during the puppy teething stage. Help him come through this period by showering your care and love over him.

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