Learning The Basics of Dog Psychology

Do we really need to discuss dog psychology? Yes, we do! Why do I think that this is very important? Because we need to know our dog very well so that we can form a strong bond and can live a happy life together.


Dog psychology needs a close observation

Are there things that we really need to know about our dog?  Dogs are very intelligent beings and have a very strong personality. Sometimes we tend to associate dog psychology with human psychology, but this is wrong! We don’t have the same needs as our dog, and our dog doesn’t have the same needs as we. So, it is important to understand dog psychology if you want to be a good dog owner.

Many people talk to their dog as they talk to their child. Does it seem ok to you? Do you think that your dog can understand you as much as your baby does? Of course not. Dogs have many other ways to communicate with us. This is why the way we talk to our dog should be different from the way we talk to a baby.

Sentences should be shorter, so that he can understand them better; the vocabulary or choice of words should be simple, as a dog doesn’t have the native instinct to talk human language. Avoid asking your dog too many questions, because you know, he hasn’t too many means to answer you back, as your baby does.

As you get to know dog psychology better, you will understand that dogs will answer you better if the context you are talking to him fits with what you are saying. The context is very important for our dog, that’s why you shouldn’t talk to your dog about having a walk in the night when you are getting him ready to go to bed. Do you know what I mean? They have to make connections in their mind so that they may understand what you are saying.

Sending Your Dog To Dog Training School

Do dogs resemble their owners? What do you think? Well, dog’s behavior can be a mirror of the owner’s behavior. If you are an organized individual yourself, who keeps his house organized, your dog will realize this and try to respect the order in your house, as he doesn’t want to see you upset when he breaks things around. If you have a shipshape schedule when you take your dog out for a walk, when you feed him, or when you play together, your dog will get to know it and will not have other expectations. He will know what he gets and when he gets, this way he will understand that he has to follow this schedule too.

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