Labrador Puppy Training Tips You Need To Know

Labradors are a dog breed you can find all over the world. And it’s no wonder. They are remarkable and well known as a very faithful companion, they are gentle, intelligent, strong, friendly and good looking. What else can you desire for you and your family?

As they are very intelligent, it’s very easy and fun to train them. It’s better to start their training when they are puppies, because it’s less stress for you and your dog too. As they are young, they are not stubborn and tend to learn faster than later.

labrador puppy training

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You can find Labradors in three colors: yellow, black and brown. As a tip for you, before starting to get more into how a  Labrador puppy’s training should go, I want you to know that Labradors are used for many purposes, not only as family companions. They are well known as fitting well as guide dog for blinds and people with other disabilities, it’s also a rescue dog or can be used by different enforcements to detect drug detention or others. It’s good to know all these before starting to work on your Labrador puppy training.

labrador puppy training

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            You need to establish a strong relationship between your dog and you from the very beginning. Labradors grow big and fast and as they get used to you and your temperament as soon as possible, you will have less problems later.

Labradors are quite friendly with other pets you might have in your house. If you have some, let him socialize from the very first days you bring him into your house and let him get used with everything that surrounds him, as he is a very curios dog breed.

labrador puppy training

Photo by: Tyler Allen

How should you start with your Labrador puppy training? There are not necessarily particular methods for a particular breed. It is very important to know the temperament of your dog so that you can realize what your dog can learn or not, but the main things dogs should do are the same for any breed.

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For example as you train your Labrador the basic obedience training, what you need to do is to be persistent and to work daily, until your dog reaches the level of knowledge you want him to reach. One thing you have to take into consideration here is that Labradors are very intelligent and they can learn very fast. And one more thing: Labradors can reach the highest levels on any training, so be exigent with your Labrador puppy training and you will receive the best results.

labrador puppy

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It’s no wonder that most of Labrador owners say that they wouldn’t change their dog for anything in the world and if the dog passes away, they choose another Labrador to take his place.

The good news is that if you have a Labrador puppy, training is something that you can do at home, by yourself, if you have any knowledge about basic dog training. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s very easy to learn, you should try it, because if a puppy is trained by his owner, a very strong bond between the two of them is produced. Still, if you don’t have time for puppy training yourself, I’m sure you can find in your area good training schools that will love to help you with the training at very low costs.

Are you a Labrador owner? How are you dealing with his training? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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