Is Zen Dog Training Answer to Harmonious Human-Dog Relationship?

Deborah Rosen shares the development of a new dog training technique that she calls Zen dog training! Rosen can calm a bunch of rambunctious puppies with a mere wave of a hand, an eye contact, and a touch of Zen.

While kneeling on the floor, she looks at the excited, jumping dog in the eye, raises a hand up to her nose, and makes a beeping noise. The dog stares back and almost immediately settles down.

Rosen, 58, has been training dogs for 16 years. She says, “What I found is that dogs behave best when they are focused. And when they are focused, they are able to hear what you say to them and they have a much better chance of following through.”

At her Fife business, Good CitiZEN Dog, she trains both owners and their dogs to live together in harmony.

What Is Zen Dog Training

Rosen works with dogs on obedience, leash training and tricks. The idea is to challenge the pup to learn rather than forcing him to obey, she says.

To mold the kind of dog a family wants, training owners is as important as training their dogs, Rosen says.

“There are a lot of dog trainers and most of them want to work with dogs and not people,” Rosen adds.

After studying the techniques of other trainers, Rosen developed her own insights, theories, and approach.

She came to the conclusion that dogs often are under-stimulated and do not have enough to do. Bored dogs find usually more destructive activities to do, she says.

“I found that teaching owners and their dogs Zen techniques calm everyone down,” Rosen says. “You’re developing their relationships, too, which is meaningful to  dogs.”

Learning The Basics of Dog Psychology

Rosen says most dogs enjoy being focused and stimulated, and it makes them want to learn. Older dogs and rescue dogs who have had a bad social history are more likely to have a harder time with the technique. However, Rosen said her success rate far exceeds her failures.

Rose is franchising Good CitiZEN Dog across the country. She has one outlet in Florida and is working with Lindsay Behen, a certified dog trainer, to open another in St. Louis.

Rosen’s goal is to make everyone’s day easier and better with his or her dog.

“They just want to learn,” Rosen says. “It’s good to see it happen right in front of you.”

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