Is Your Puppy Teething? Tips To Help Your Teething Puppy!

Is your puppy teething? A young teething puppy may be cute and adorable but his urge to chew and destroy things can be a pretty scary thought.

Is Your Puppy Teething - Tips To Help Your Teething Puppy

A puppy’s teething phase usually begins around 16 weeks-old. At this age, your puppy’s permanent teeth will start to grow and their gums can get uncomfortable so they start to chew on things. Before your bags, smartphones, slipper and other things get all chewed up, check out these tips on how to help your teething puppy.

Encourage your teething puppy to chew on the right objects

When your pup reaches his teething phase, you must encourage him to chew on the right objects like chew toys. Do so by rewarding him for chewing toys like:

  • Sticks,
  • Teething rings,
  • Squeaky toys,
  • Pacifiers,
  • Chilly Bone,
  • Kong,
  • And others.

By doing this, your puppy will learn what he is and is not allowed to chew.

Remember to watch over your puppy while he chews and plays with his toys to avoid accidents.

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Give your teething puppy some frozen treats

Aside from relieving your pup’s discomfort, giving him frozen treats can be healthy too. You can  give your pup the following cold treats:

  • Carrots – Giving your dog cold carrots to chew on does help with his discomfort. Aside from that, carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals. Just make sure not to give him more than one whole carrot per day because it is high in fiber.
  • Strawberries – Frozen strawberries can make good teething treats for you pup too. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, plus it’s pretty tasty too.
  • Bananas – Like strawberries, bananas are tasty and full of vitamins and frozen ones may help relieve oral discomfort in pups.
Puppy’s Bedtime


Give your teething puppy frozen bagels

Give your puppy some frozen mini bagels but never give him the ones with onions. Choose the plain or fruit variety. Give your puppy frozen bagels and let him chew it. Aside from helping the pups numb their gingival, the denseness of the bagel can help remove their loose puppy teeth too.

<h2>Give your teething puppy a frozen towel </h2>

If you ran out of cold treats or if your puppy got tired of his usual chew toys, a frozen towel can help. Just soak the towel in water, twist it so it looks like a rope, and put it in the freezer.

When your pup chews on the chilled towel, it can relieve his oral discomfort. Plus the towel’s chewiness can help encourage your pup’s appropriate biting behavior.


Some things to take note of when your puppy is teething

Seeing your puppy uncomfortable can be hard but never give him any over-the-counter pain medications to alleviate discomfort. Always ask your veterinarian before giving your puppy any medication since even holistic remedies can be bad for puppies.

Take your puppy to the vet regularly to check the occlusion of his teeth as grows older. The veterinarian will be able to address any teeth alignment issues immediately to prevent permanent dental issues when your pup becomes an adult.

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