Is Cesar Dog Food Good For Our Canine Friends?

First of all I must make something very clear. When we talk about Cesar dog food you must know that there is no any connection between Cesar Millan and this food brand. I tell you this because many people make this confusion. And the problem is that we know Cesar Millan as a good dog trainer and a very good advisor for all dog owners who read his articles. And we can’t say the same about Cesar dog food. It is known as a medium quality dog food that don’t exceed on any plan. So that’s the difference: Cesar Millan, only good and very good things to say about and Cesar food for dog is somewhere from the middle to the bottom when we talk about quality.

The company that produces Cesar dog food is called Mars Inc., one of the biggest corporations in the United States. You might know some of their products as M&M’s, Snickers, Bounty, Dove and others.

Now, I think I owe you some explanations for the things I said about this food. Their ingredient lists start with some very good and healthy products. If they would have continued like this, I would have named them on the top of dog foods. But the food also contains a large amount of by-product proteins. What does this mean? It means that they are not good for human consumption, but it is considered to be good enough for dogs. Would you feed your dog with something that you don’t want to eat? Because i know for sure i wouldn’t. If you claim that you love your dog just like you love any member of your family, you should be very attentive with what you feed him. Because the length of his life depends on it. Your dog’s health also depends on the food you provide him.

cesar dog food

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What you need to know about Cesar dog food is that it is specially focused on small dogs. It is well known that small dogs have less nutritional needs. That’s why the recipes they use are concentrated on the needs of these small breeds. If you try to feed you medium size dog or large size dog with this food, he will be always hungry, or he will ask for food all day long, as he has to eat a lot to satisfy his high nutritional needs. So, if your dog is medium or large sized, choose another food brand that fits for them.

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You also have to know that Cesar dog food produces several dry food recipes and a large variety of canned food recipes. I can’t say that in this large variety you can’t find any good food for your dog, all I want you to know is that you have to be very prudent and carefully read the labels. Remember: your dog’s health is in your hands. And as we talk about the food, we talk about the most important aspect that can influence a dog’s life. You want what’s best for him, feed him the best food you can find!

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