Instead Of Running Away, Layla The Homeless Poodle Kisses Her Rescuer

Annie Hart has rescued hundreds of dogs over the years. These pooches at “the worst moment of their lives” are amazingly transformed after a generous dose of TLC.

But despite all her experience, she says nothing could’ve readied her for how touched she felt when she first met Layla, a homeless Poodle who had been struck by a car in Los Angeles.

Hart, the founder of Rescue from the Hart, recalled the moment she first laid eyes on Layla.

She says she had received a call notifying her of the Poodle’s situation and she, together with Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar, immediately went to the scene.

“My heart sank as we pulled up and saw Layla sitting there alone on the side of the road,” Hart said. “Hundreds of people had walked by her before we arrived and they did nothing to help her. They chose to not stop and see Layla’s despair and abandonment, and to not take action.”

Layla was “timid, hurt and worryingly skinny,” she added.

Hart approached Layla and very quickly and instead of running away, the dog showed amazing trust.


Layla allowed Hart to embrace her. It drove Hart to tears.

“The thing is, when I rescue a dog … they are scared, they are hurt, and they have no ideawhat the world is going to throw at them next. Then I come along and say, ‘Hey, you need to trust I am going to do right by you.’ That is a tough experience for a dog,” Hart said. “They often quickly realize we are there to help, but I have never had a dog not only oblige [right away] — but to turn around with a kiss and say, ‘Thank you!’ It made me think of how much she needed hope in her life, and I felt so blessed that I was able to be the one to give that to her.”

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According to Hart, the moment “completely overwhelmed” her.

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“The way Layla embraced being rescued, the way she opened her heart to a second chance, that is what gives me hope,” she said. “If a dog like Layla can be that forgiving of people, we can all do that. We can all move on and forgive and love and open up our hearts to possibilities.”

Unfortunately, Layla has long way to go for a new life. She was hospitalized after the vets found out that she’d suffered serious damage to her intestines.

According to Hart, it has been determined that one of her kidneys needs to be surgically removed in the coming weeks. The endearing pup still has a long road of treatment and recovery ahead.

But thank goodness for the love and support of the people around her — including her foster parents Bray and Paul — Hart says she truly believes Layla has a fighting chance.

“She has turned into a playful, mischievous, delightful little pup,” said Hart. “It is amazing what a little love can do for a wounded soul.”

We wish you a happy life and a long future, sweet Layla!

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