In Dog Training What Should Your Focus Be?

In dog training what should your focus be? Well, the answer is quite simple – it should be on obedience! The objective is to get your pup to obey you willingly!

Many people concentrate on teaching their dog commands and particular behaviors during dog and puppy training. But training a dog ought to be much more than routines your dog learns based on repetition.


To get this done, you should help your dog become aware that you are to be obeyed whatever the circumstance. Your puppy should learn to do what they are told, wherever the location.

In Dog Training What Should Your Focus Be: It is Much More Than Teaching Commands

Dogs that are trained on the sole basis of responding to commands frequently tend not to obey their owners when they grow to be adults. The only thing they were taught to do was respond to commands.

In reality, it is much like teaching tricks. They understand how to do it, but they do not know why they are doing it or exactly why they ought to comply.

Correct dog training, on the other hand, has an effect on your dog’s sense of being. It is a type of schooling. Once you have effectively passed on this particular message to your dog or puppy, they comprehend that training is not only a game, but also a vital part of life.

Training during puppy-hood also pays off when your dog is fully grown, as they grow to be obedient.

In Dog Training What Should Your Focus Be: The Right Frame of Mind

Even at a pretty early age, young dogs feed off their owner’s energy and actions. Therefore, if you are stressed, irritated, or upset, your puppy is more likely to sense these feelings, causing them to perform badly in dog training.

A negative attitude toward your dog’s learning abilities also has an effect. To illustrate, giving commands without actually believing that your puppy will comply, sends negative energy through your tone of voice and body language. This causes your puppy to feel uncertain, sending him signals not to obey. But if you concentrate on positivity and self-assurance, it is likely that your puppy will execute a command.

In Dog Training What Should Your Focus Be: Building and Maintaining Your Dog’s Self-Confidence

One typical blunder owners make is totally stopping training once they think their dog knows everything they should learn.

Dogs need routine practice commands and obedience training to keep their confidence, like how professionals (teachers, doctors, vets) have to complete continuing education classes to keep up-to-date in their field. At first, it might take a great deal of work and persistence, but as soon as you have created a reliable training foundation, all you need to do is keep on practicing.

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