Hunting Dog Training in 8 Easy Steps

 Do you love hunting as well as your dog? Do you feel that your dog should accompany you to hunting adventures,? Of course, you want your furry friend to be your hunting partners. Nothing compares with sharing the joy of the capture with your four-legged buddy.



But before taking your dog out for hunting, it is important to follow the hunting dog training (we’ll talk today about waterfowl hunting):

  1. Choose from the multitude of dog breeds that can help you in hunting waterfowl. The most suitable breeds for this job are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Springer Spaniels. But other breeds might be as good too. When it comes to choosing a dog as your hunting partner, it is important to ensure that you choose one that likes adventure.
  2. You also need to work in the process of hunting dog training to get your dog used to the fire gun. Some dogs are frightened than others. You need someone else to help you with this. You should stay next to your dog, while your partner tosses a toy bird into the air and he shoots, but not the bird, because this way the sound is louder. Your job will be to help your dog focus on the bird, and when it falls, he should go and take it to you. You must try this several times, and this way your dog will associate the fire gun with the bird. He won’t be scared when he hears it, because he will be concentrated to see where the bird fell and bring it to you.
  3. The next step in hunting dog training is to choose a puppy to train instead of a mature dog. Why is it so? Puppies are more determined than a dog. Another addition is that you have a longer period of time for hunting dog training if you choose a puppy, and if he is trained with you, the chances to have a loyal hunting partner are increased.
  4. Get your puppy used to the water. Make him understand that water isn’t dangerous, but it’s fun. Teach him that he will receive rewards when playing with water.
  5. Your dog must get used to the scent as well as hunting decoys. What you should take care of is that your dog must make the difference between a decoy and a waterfowl.
  6. You must work on your dog’s training every day, so that your dog may understand the importance of this training.
  7. When you see that your dog is doing a good job, give him rewards. Dogs always appreciate rewards, and they help them continue their training on the good path.
  8. Before taking your dog hunting, you must expose him to hunting situations. Help him get used to the boat if you use boats in your hunting. Or get your furry friend used with dummies, simulate some real hunting situations; train him in everything he needs to do and he will impress you on the field.
Teaching Your Dog The Leave It Command

Follow these steps of hunting dog training and you will have a perfect hunting partner! Do you think you can do it without help from a professional dog trainer?

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